Moto & Photo event for female bikers

MTC FELIX ARBA will be held on the island of Rab from May 26 to 28, 2023. As a reminder, this event is dedicated to all female motorcyclists and against all the prejudices they face in society. It is also the promotion of motorcycle tourism in Croatia and the island of Rab, but also the promotion of Rab’s cultural and historical heritage and the natural beauty of the island of Rab.

Although the MTC FELIX ARBA is a motorcycle event where the main actors are women motorcyclists, all other motorcyclists and all other guests are welcome, regardless of whether they belong to the motorcycle world or not. The official part of the event begins on Friday, May 26, 2023. from 6:00 p.m., when all registered participants and visitors can report their arrival to our members who will meet them at the Forum pub (in Donja Street in Rab) and pick up a gift T-shirt with the event logo and tickets for the boat trip (female participants) and cards with discounts for restaurants (all who registered and paid the registration fee). Cards with discounts can be used immediately in three restaurants with which we have an agreement for discounts. From 10:00 p.m., the Welcome Party begins in the Forum pub, which is open to everyone. On Saturday 27.5. at 10:00 a.m. it starts with a gathering of motorcyclists on St. Christopher. Motorcyclists enter the square with their motorcycles and park them under the city ramparts, and our members in charge of that part will make sure everything goes well. Socializing and taking photos will last until 12:00. From 12.00 to 13.00 there is a break for lunch in one of the Rab restaurants in the immediate vicinity, which will offer participants and visitors discounts of 15-20% on their food. After lunch at 1:00 p.m., all participants of the event will be divided into 2-3 smaller groups and with expert tourist guides will go on a tour of the old city center, cultural and historical sights of Rab, Rab Cake House, Rab archers, etc.

DSC 0357So that the male part of the escort and other visitors would not feel neglected, we prepared a special program for them. On the same square, the well-known Croatian store of motorcycle equipment and motorcycles, Novema Nova, will present the entire “stable” of Royal Enfield motorcycles. In addition to the fact that all guests and visitors, as well as residents of Rab and all other tourists, will be able to view the exhibited motorcycles, they will also be able to sign up for a test ride and try them out in person around Rab. A stand with local craft beer – RAJSKO PIVO (Paradise beer) will make sure that their throats don’t dry out from the great excitement or that they don’t get dehydrated.
After the return of bikers from the tour of the old town, the central event follows – a big parade around the island of Rab with a total length of about 60 km. The parade is driven only by women, accompanied by photographers and videographers and police officers on motorcycles who will take care of the safety of the parade participants and other road users. There are eight photo points on the parade where bikers stop and take breaks and where photos and videos will be taken, so the parade will not be tiring because there are frequent stops.
Photo points are designed as a combination of promoting natural beauty and cultural and historical sights. So one of the points is the church of St. Peter in Supetarska Draga, one of the oldest churches on the Adriatic, in front of which, along with photography and filming, the dedication of the engine by the priest will take place, for those who want it. When reaching Lopar, the parade will turn onto the attractive road towards Sorinj, and at the top of Sorinj, bikers from the motorcycle club RAB will meet the participants of the parade in front of their club house and after welcoming the ladies and offering them refreshing drinks, they will lead them through Lopar like true hosts. The next photo point is at the Lopar ferry port and then at the Paradise Beach in Lopar, where there will be a break and a welcome from the Lopar Tourist Board.
DSC 0511

After that, the guys from moto club Rab will escort the parade to the Zlatni zalaz lookout, after which they will return to Lopar and the girls will continue driving towards Kampor.

At the turn for Suha Punta, the girls will be met by guys from Arba Riders who will take them to Veli Mel beach in Kampor, where there will be the last photo point. After that, Arba Riders will escort the girls back to the turn for Suha Punta, and the girls will return to the town of Rab to St. Christopher.

The return is expected between 18:00 and 19:00. After returning to Rab, the girls can again park their motorbikes on the square and are then free to go for dinner, drinks, a walk along the waterfront or refreshments at the accommodation. On the same weekend, an international gathering of IT experts is being held on Rab, as part of which there will be a concert by Split singer Jole on Saturday on the Vela Riva. The organizers of that gathering invited our participants as guests to that concert.


We wanted to include as many local people, associations, clubs, restaurateurs in this event as possible… So the “Dock 69” restaurant, “Konoba Rab” and caffe & food bar “Buža” offered special discounts for food. Entertainment is guaranteed in the aforementioned Forum bar, which has a special atmosphere precisely because of its location in the old city center and is one of the oldest places to go out on Rab.

Before leaving Rab on Sunday, a free panoramic boat trip was organized for all participants in 2 groups, at 11 am and at 1 pm. The trip lasts about 2 hours.

We must not forget to mention several photographers and videographers from all over Croatia who will come to this event and contribute to this whole story. The thousands of photos that will leave Rab that weekend are a great promotion of Rab, tourism, culture and history and natural beauty, and we believe that a large part of the participants and visitors will return to Rab already this summer.

We especially emphasize the help and friendliness of the Tourist Board of the town of Rab, which has been at our service for everything we need from day one. Also TZ Lopar, which will organize the reception of the defile in Lopar.
As you can see, a very rich and meaningful program awaits you on Rab, with plenty of entertainment and a good atmosphere. As a reminder, everyone, both female participants and all other guests, can apply through our online application form: APPLICATION FOR MTC FELIX ARBA

Applications close on May 15, 2023!
The registration fee is a symbolic €15 per person, but you get a lot for it:
– preferential accommodation price of €16 per person,
– cards with discounts of 15-20% in several restaurants,
– free t-shirts with the event logo,
– free entrance to the concert,
– free boat trip, etc.
We currently have different types of accommodation available, from double rooms with bathrooms to smaller and larger apartments and even hotel accommodation for 3-4 people, all at the same price of €16 per room (minimum of two nights).
Come to Rab and be a part of this first international photo meeting MTC FELIX ARBA, because the one next year may be even bigger and more attractive, but it will never be the first again ?
FRIDAY 26.5.2023.
– from 6:00 p.m. in the Forum pub (Donja street, Rab), registration of arrival and collection of t-shirts and cards for discounts in restaurants.
– from 10:00 p.m. in the Forum pub WELCOME PARTY for all participants and visitors of the event
SATURDAY 5/27/2023
– from 10:00 a.m. St. Kristofora gathering of female bikers
– presentation of the Royal Enfield Novema Nova engine – presentation of Paradise beer of Pivovar Rab
– 1:00 p.m. organized tour for female bikers of the old city center, the house of the Rab cake, the Rab crossbowmen…
– 15:00 welcome speech by the director of the tourist board and the mayor of the city of Rab
– preparations for the parade
– 4:00 p.m. a 60 km parade for female bikers with 8 photo spots
– 7:00 p.m. arrival of female bikers at Vela Riva
– 9:00 p.m. Joleta concert on Vela riva
– 11:00 p.m. party in the Forum pub
SUNDAY 28.5.2023.
– 11.00 a.m. panoramic excursion with a boat for bikers
– 1:00 p.m. panoramic excursion with a boat for bikers

Applications close on May 15, 2023!

After you send your application, we will contact you very soon and book your accommodation in agreement with you. You will receive the accommodation address and contact number from the owner in case you have any problems finding the address, and you pay the accommodation directly to the owner when you arrive.

As you can see, we put a lot of effort into making everyone who comes to Rab a pleasant stay. We want you to leave Rab full of positive impressions and to wish that a year passes as soon as possible until the new MTC FELIX ARBA, even bigger and even better.
Share this link with anyone you think might be interested. On our Facebook page there is a created Facebook event that you can also share or invite your friends to.
See you on Rab from May 26 to 28, 2023!


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